Wooden Circlelance


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Introducing the “Wooden Circlelance,” a game-changer for children’s playtime! Designed to ignite a world of creativity and imagination, this product is a must-have for kids aged 6 and up. With its vibrant colors and engaging design, it’s the perfect catalyst for enhancing concentration and cognitive skills.

Watch as your child’s motor skills and dexterity improve, thanks to the easy-to-use “Wooden Circlelance” that keeps their hands busy and their minds engaged. Not just a toy, this product is an essential tool for sharpening perceptual and fine motor skills, giving your little one a head start in their development journey.

Say hello to hours of educational fun and learning, as the “Wooden Circlelance” becomes your child’s favorite companion for exploration and discovery. Let your child dive into a world of endless possibilities and creative thinking with this enriching, stimulating product.

Toys for Kids

-Stimulate imagination, creativity and thinking ability.
-Improve color awareness and concentration.
-Enrich the imagination and creativity.
-Helps on eye-hand coordination and cognitive skills.
-Sharpen Perceptual and fine motor skills as well as improving dexterity.
-Book clip design
-Recommended age: 6 years old and up


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