Hi, I'm Archievald

Front-end developer, gamer,
and tech savy guy!

Hi there, I’m Archie, and I love everything about technology. I’m a web developer, a gamer, a super tech-savvy person, and a cloud enthusiast.

One of my biggest passions is gaming. I enjoy playing games of all genres and mostly with Switch platform, then Playstation.  I have a keen eye for what makes a game fun and engaging, and I follow the latest news and updates in the gaming industry.

Another thing that I’m good at is web development. I have skills in both front-end and back-end development, using HTML, CSS, jQuery, API, and JavaScript. I also know how to work with popular web development frameworks like WordPress. I can build websites that are fast, user-friendly, and responsive.

Besides gaming and web development, I’m also interested in cloud storage. I think cloud storage is a great way to store and access data, with benefits such as high availability, scalability, and security. I always keep up with the latest innovations in cloud storage technology, looking for ways to improve and streamline processes.

I have a rare and valuable mix of technical skills, gaming expertise, and cloud storage knowledge that makes me a great addition to any team. Whether it’s playing a game :D, creating a website, or optimizing cloud storage processes, I always do my best.

In short, I’m a versatile person who has a passion for gaming, web development, and cloud storage. I’m ready to take on any challenge in a dynamic and changing industry.

Archievald Quiambao