My family got vaccinated – Manila Covid-19 vaccine

Better to have a protection than zero protection

After long year of trying to register, waiting for a vaccine, and adjusting this hectic life during covid-19 pandemic, at last! I’m exited because I am one of the lucky resident who will receive the covid-19 vaccine, and more excited because my wife, my parents, and parents-in-law, all of them are also vaccinated. Our family was vaccinated. Even though we are vaccinated, we are still taking precautions because we have a daughter and we don’t want to be exposed even we have a protection.

How did we managed to get the vaccine? Patience, pray, and luck, we registered to official government website and they were called me and scheduled on May 21st . We have a different vaccines and schedules, my wife and my parents are AstraZeneca, while my parents-in-law and myself is CoronaVac (Sinovac).

Some vaccines have a side-effect (a minor one), my wife got fever and chills after vaccinated on evening. In the next day, she fully recovered in the next day. While I feel extremely exhausted, sleepy, and a little bit dizziness, but recovered after 1 day.

I am writing this blog post to share that vaccines are safe and outweighs the pros from cons. So please, if you got a chance, get vaccinated immediately. It’s not about your protection, but also the protection of others. Stay safe and get vaccine!
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