Reasons why we need life insurance

It can help to financially support family

Life insurance is about securing and support the family. Incase there’s something happened, it will financially support your family even you are not there, the family have enough time to cover and adjust their life, and also protect their asset

Peace of mind

You don’t have to worry about yourself, liabilities, your family’s assets, and your future if you buy a life insurance, why? simply because incase something happens, the sum that your family will receive can cover or partial-cover of your family liabilities, the income, and also the future of your child/childrens

Protect the child’s future

This is one of the most reason why you need a life insurance, it can protect your child’s future like his/her education, cost of living, and also the house they will stay.

Income replacement

In case something happened, you can’t work anymore. It can hinder the growth and savings of your family because you still have bills to pay. Income replacement served as the protection of your asset because you can’t work anymore due to accident.It will give you some money to cover like bills, foods, and etc.
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