What is Overwatch 2 Battle pass?

Starting October 4, 2022, Overwatch will shift its transition from buy the game into free-to-play model. There will be some changes in revenue, and that’s removing the loot box and shifting into buying skins and battle pass. So what is Overwatch 2 battle pass?

What is Battle pass?

Video game battle pass are new revenue model where you buy the rights using real money to unlock skins, characters, and any miscellaneous related to the game. Usually, to unlock these, you need to complete the challenges required, example: “Win 3 games”. Battle pass have tier level from level 1 and it depends on the developers on what is the max level of tier battle pass.

How Overwatch 2 battle pass works?

Overwatch 2 battle pass is almost similar to other games battle pass. Play the game to beat the challenges, earn experience, and progress the overwatch 2 battle pass. According to this IGN, Overwatch 2 battle pass will include 60 additional tiers with Mythic skins, new heroes, cosmetics, and some XP% boosts.

Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle pass

How long are Overwatch 2 season last?

Overwatch 2 seasons will last approximately nine weeks, and each new season will have a new mythic skin, cosmetics, bonuses, and etc.

Season 3 now live.

What is Overwatch coins?

Overwatch coins is a new currency for overwatch 2 and can be used to buy Battle pass, skins, cosmetics, and etc. This overwatch coins served as payment in shop. To purchase Overwatch coin, you need to purchased using real money.

Overwatch 2 new revenue model, it is bad?

In my opinion, this will benefit the company and the players, there will be a constant updates and will make the game stay longer. For some reasons, it won’t hurt the game because all of the items are mostly for cosmetics only, no real gameplay will change, no powerful weapon unlocks, godly equipments, and no “one-hit weapon”.

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