Yelp for Travelers- Archievald Travel and Food

How useful this Yelp Mobile App?

Yelp is very important for your travels. Businesses are paying attention in online exposure, a good example is Yelp. Archievald always use Yelp to find cheap restaurants nearby.

So why Yelp is popular and useful?

Yelp Frontpage - Archievald Travel and Food

Yelp Frontpage – Archievald Travel and Food

You can Find Restaurant’s Review

Yelp’s dominant and more useful in foot traffic. It scan and shows the list of food and restaurants. Yelp can be double edge for restaurant owners, it can be a positive effect in which customers leave a positive review, or a negative effect in which some customers leave bad comment and a 1-star rating.


Easy Access

Download the app called “Yelp”, register and you can now filter and locate restaurants in your mobile. Almost everybody have a smartphone, so it’s no brainer to invest in online marketing to grow your business and target the mobile audience. Investment will yield higher return in the future.  Easy right?



You will get the information of the restaurant if its cheap or not. If the price is single €, then expect it is cheap, but how about triple €€€ ? that is quite expensive. You are prepare how much you will spend in the restaurant by searching the name of the restaurant. This will prevent from unexpected bill, disappointment, or embarrassment.

Different Categories

It’s not only for Restaurant, it has multiple categories as well like shopping, barber shop and many more. Yelp doesn’t focus in cheap restaurants, as well as other cheap categories that might help you. It will make life easier thanks to Yelp.

Yelp Categories - Archievald Travel and Food

Yelp Categories – Archievald Travel and Food

Map and GPS

When you are using Google Map, you will noticed the similarity. It has a map to help you locate the restaurant and your GPS location. It will cut-off your time finding the cheap restaurant you need.


The Impact of Reviews

Surely, reviews will either hurts or a blessing. Most Yelpers read and check the reviews before they will try to dine in cheap restaurant. If you have a lot of negative reviews, expect some bad reputation in the business. This will help you to prepare if the restaurant has a positive feedback, or a negative.


Yelp is a powerful app which gives a lot of flexibility, reviews, and information of the cheap restaurant. This app is a must to find the popular cheap restaurant and make your life easier. As you can see, the images above are taken from laptop version. Mobile version is available in the appstore or Google play store. Most tourist will use it for a reference for their dining experience and travel.
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