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Hassle-Free Travel Tips for Beginners

Traveling is fun and expensive. You can travel at ease. They key is extensive planning and budgeting. Here are some tips (transportation, accommodation, and food) on Hassle-free Travel Tips for Beginners.


Plan your Route - Archievald Travel and Food

Plan your Route – Archievald Travel and Food

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  1. Plan your route

Remember that when traveling, you will spend a large portion of your budget on transportation. You can’t travel anywhere without incurring any transportation costs. Archievald will help you to cut your transportation costs by giving you some tips, you have to buy return ticket (one-way is impractical and more expensive if you have plans to return). Planning will help you travel smoothly and will help you decide what means of transportation is the best for your route. The means of transportation you will use will depend on where you’re going to travel.

Air transportation is the best option when traveling far places. Air transportation is one of the  most convenient yet more expensive way to travel.  To get affordable air fare deals, visit flight comparison websites like Kayak, Google Flights, Momondo, Expedia, and Adioso. These websites will let you compare air fares without any hassle.

Another form of transportation is by land, take a ride either a bus or a train.  If you are not familiar with other country’s railway or bus systems, search on the internet like Google, utilize the app called Google Map, and subscribe to our Newsletter for future reference.  As much as possible, avoid riding taxis. Walking is one of the best way to tour in cities. You will learn more about their culture, nature, or architecture.

If you’re visiting island countries, you have to board a ship or a ferry to experience the best out of your travel. These ship companies usually have their own websites which shows their schedule and prices.


Book Early - Archievald Travel and Food

Book Early – Archievald Travel and Food


  1. Find a place to sleep

Did you know Archievald only pay less than 79€ in breakfast and hotel? You don’t have to stay in a luxurious hotel to explore the place you want to visit. You will need an accommodation for taking a rest or for sleeping at night. There are numerous ways to reduce your accommodation costs.

Hostels are also famous for young travelers who wants to avoid hefty cost Hostel is an establishment or accommodation which provides inexpensive lodging and food.

Websites like Booking.com and AirBnB.com come in handy. These websites are one-stop websites. AirBnB offers a wide range of accommodation choices from shared bedrooms to fancy castles and an array of activities you can imagine. Booking.com on the other hand provides other booking services like booking flights, restaurant reservation and hailing cars.


Italian Pizza - Archievald Travel and Food

Italian Pizza – Archievald Travel and Food


  1. Eat local foods

Archievald is always hungry, Archievald always look and find cheap restaurants to fill my tummy. If you are hungry and want to grab something to eat, go for local food. Go check that country’s famous street food, example in Florence, there’s a lot good restaurant. You will not only save some money on food, you’ll get also get a taste of that country’s history. Local and traditional foods take a great part of a country’s heritage and experiencing local food is a great way to get connected with that place’s culture.

Local food supports the community. Choosing local café and restaurants over famous cafes and fast food chains is a simple way to be a socially responsible for you are helping local businesses and local economy.

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