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Here I come, Florence, Italy

Discover the birthplace of Renaissance

Florence is considered as one of the centers for culture and is recognized by the UNESCO as a world heritage site. More importantly, Florence is a place that is waiting to be travel. It basically begs for visitors to travel the hidden nooks and crannies and unearth the secrets it keeps far from the limelight. Archievald’s birthplace is Florence, but I lived my entire life in the Philippines. I love Florence.

Tourists flock to travel Florence because of its allure and charm. The architecture is simply superb and the attractions are certainly among the many interesting draws that keep tourists coming back for more. But travel to Firenze or Florence is more than just the typical tourist destinations. It has so much more to offer and amazingly delivers in every aspect. Once you set foot in Florence, it’s comparable to having set foot inside a toy store and being let loose.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore - Archievald Travel and Food

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore – Archievald Travel and Food

Everywhere you look, there is something magnificent to behold. Everywhere you travel in Florence, there is something to see and uniqueness. And if you go beyond the usual, you would get to know a side of Florence you never knew existed. Overload your senses with the exhilarating experience that is magnificently Firenze.

Here are some main reasons why you should book a trip and cheap travel to Florence in the near future. Take note, you need more than a day to take all of these in. A longer stay means a longer time to absorb the vibe that is uniquely, exquisitely, Florence:

Architecture and History

To put it simply, the architecture of Florence astounds. The visual aesthetics are pleasing but the play on space and the effective use of area is something even the blind can appreciate.

The Piazza del Duomo, Ponte Vecchio and Palazzo Vecchio are among the stunning structures that boast of great architecture. Typical Gothic design with inlays of colorful marble adding to the overall appeal and impact, you would do well to feast your eyes on these attractions. And we are just talking about the façade. We haven’t even gone inside yet!

Palazzo Vecchio - Archievald Travel and Food

Palazzo Vecchio – Archievald Travel and Food


Inside these buildings, the walls, the floors and the ceilings are still magnificent works of art! The details present in the tapestries, statues, reliefs and floors are truly superb. You would be transported into a different era where everything is indulgent and decadent. The craftsmanship and the attention to details simply overwhelm the senses.

Travel in Ponte Vecchio even has a stunning secret that is right above tourists’ heads! The Vasari Corridor has magnificent works of art lining its walls. Included in the display are the works of Michelangelo, Donatello, da Vinci and Rembrandt! Bask in the glory and the glow of these masterpieces!

Ponte Vecchio - Archievald Travel and Food

Ponte Vecchio – Archievald Travel and Food

Travel the interiors of the buildings and come into a different world! Those who aren’t suffering from claustrophobia can have a grand time exploring the crypts and the tombs underneath some of the structures. You may even find the final resting places of Italy’s movers and shakers.

Those who have strong knees and sturdy legs can walk up the stairs of several buildings to get a better view of the landscape from a very beautiful vantage point. Look beyond the windows and get unique perspectives of the area.


Italian Cuisines

Lose yourself in the trattoria, bottega, cheap cafe and ristorante all over Florence. The menu offerings and specials are all gastronomic masterpieces which shall please your senses no end. The appearance of the food is already stunning and the taste – absolutely divine.

Pizza Margherita con Basilica e Ruccola - Archievald Travel and Food

Pizza Margherita con Basilica e Ruccola – Archievald Travel and Food

Prepared from cheap fresh produce and the best cuts of meat and fish, the cuisine may be seen as traditional but each dish comes with a definite twist. Pair it with locally made wine and you’ll have dinner fit for royalty. Finish it up with coffee or some desserts and you’ll roll your eyes in delight!

While there are Western cafes and chains present, it would be better to indulge in the local fare to get a glimpse of how Florence natives dine. Dining is a definite pleasure and takes over the senses. Time seems to stand still and your taste buds overcome your rationality. Savor each bite, taste every morsel and dine amidst the great works of art all around you!

Isn’t it reason enough to book a long stay?



Travel to Gardens, piazza and magnificent structures abound in Florence. Bounded by the Arno River, travel in Florence and experiences humid and subtropical weather which is characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.

The skyline is dominated by beautiful and clear sky. The imposing Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery is truly marvelous. While some people note the lack of greenery in the city center, in truth the area is a surrounded by trees which somehow regulate the temperature.

Piazza Massimo D'Azeglio - Archievald Travel and Food

Piazza Massimo D’Azeglio – Archievald Travel and Food

The overall vibe is quite lively and tourists get a feeling of it once they step into the boundaries of Florence. The atmosphere is rich and heavy with culture and it leads to a heady search for the connection to the past. Sometimes it leads you to the basilicas and museum, oftentimes it takes you to the tradesmen’s shops offering all kinds of trinkets and wares.

While the vibe is indeed vibrant, the overall pace is still a step below normal. Time seems to take a backseat and slows down a little bit. You feed on the atmosphere and the atmosphere feeds off you. You feel embraced, welcomed and appreciated by the area.


Being an acclaimed tourist center, Florence has tons of shops to go to. Have a blast going into shop after shop. Literally, you can shop till you can do no more. There are specialty shops that cater to tourists and locals alike. Jewelry (surely they are not cheap), leather goods, souvenirs, wine, food, trinkets – whatever your heart wishes, you can get it here. All you have to do is look to appreciate the level of craftsmanship that took generations upon generations to master.

Stores in Via de' Martelli - Archievald Travel and Food

Stores in Via de’ Martelli – Archievald Travel and Food

There are specialty shops for women – clothes, shoes and bags (wink, wink) – but they won’t break the bank. They’ll attract attention without crippling your budget. There are several shops to travel for the menfolk as well. There’s something for everyone. Just walk the streets, peek in, have yourself some shopping fun!

Luxurious Boutique Stores in Via Tornabuoni - Archievald Travel and Food

Luxurious Boutique Stores in Via Tornabuoni – Archievald Travel and Food

Florence, Italy is also home of some famous luxury goods like Gucci, Prada, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and many more. Be sure to hold your passport because some of these luxury shops provide discounts for tourists.



The language is another factor that brings tourists and travels to Florence. The lilting and sexy rhythm of the Italian language and its dialects bring back the Romantic periods. When you walk through the streets of Florence, you’ll be bombarded with the caressing cadence of the Italian language.

Be enthralled further with the opera and musical acts that abound in the streets of Florence. Have your feelings strummed by the music and feel yourself being ensconced by the relaxing and redeeming qualities of the rhythm. Wash your cares away and you’ll find yourself going with the flow of the music.

Canto di Borgo San Lorenzo - Archievald Travel and Food

Canto di Borgo San Lorenzo – Archievald Travel and Food

Florence Beckons

Florence is somewhat magical! It bridges the past and the present, the then and the now, the previous and the current. It beckons to so many people to step into it and get lost in the vibe. It takes you back to the bygone era while staying in the current.

Take a long look at booking a trip for more than three days. You’ll need every minute of it to begin appreciating the splendor that only Florence can definitely provide.



Archievald personally recommend you to visit and travel our wonderful city Florence, Italy. Traveling to Florence is one of the exciting part of your life, a nice cuisine, natural beauty, shopping galore, and many more. If possible, try to stay here at least 3 days and enjoy some parts near in Florence like Leaning Tower in Pisa, A beautiful city in Sienna, marvelous beach in Viareggio and many more. Utilize your Yelp and Google Map upon traveling in Florence and meet local people who were very kind.
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