5 Things You Didn’t Know about Parañaque

Parañaque is one of the best place in Metro Manila to live, lots of gated communities, airport location, malls, and food delicacies. Although not all do agree with me, but I believe this place is so awesome. The number of things to consider is traffic. Traffic exists in Parañaque, but it’s not that just terrible as neighboring cities like Las Piñas, Pasay, and etc. Transportation is pretty straight forward, most transportation here is on a straight path, from point a to point b, and not really confusing.

Here are some of the things we might not know if you don’t live in Parañaque:

Strategic Location

Living in Parañaque has a huge advantage  because of its good strategic location. It is bordered between Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Pasay, Taguig, and Makati. It will take around 30-mins to reach Makati city, one of the economic powerhouse in Philippines, or maybe an hour to reach NAIA international airport, or 30-mins to reach Alabang. We have also easy access to south like Laguna, Batangas and Cavite, hot springs, and provinces. But recently, we are having a problems in Parañaque, the traffic is going worse. Construction in SLEX, repairs in roads, and also the increase number of car owners.

Lots of Village and Subdivisions

Lots of gated community in Parañaque, most villages requires the Village Sticker to get an access for entrance or leave the ID (As of now, some village will refuse to accept driver’s license cards). Having numerous village is a double-edge, traffic will become heavier because of restricted road, but it will also increase the security of home-owners.

Too many Shopping Centers

We have too many shopping centers and grocery market for a small city. Would you imagine having a shopping centers and grocery markets inside a Village? Yes, that’s Parañaque. As shopping center grows, the cost of living do increase like real-estates.  I remember that we have a 2 malls, now it is everywhere.

No Contact Apprehension is Everywhere

Beware motorist, we have lots of no contact apprehension camera here in Parañaque. I remember I received one ticket and with a hefty fine, its my fault. Just follow the traffic rules and you are good to go. If its red traffic light, then don’t go, if its for turn-left only road, then you should follow as well, and if you see a intersection, you shouldn’t block the driveway.

Food Delicacies

Food delicacies are everywhere especially in BF Homes area. Entering in BF Homes is such a pain every afternoon because of queue line in gateway unless you have a BF Homes car sticker. Food delicacies in BF Homes are home of the Korean food like Samgyup, Little Quiapo’s Sinigang, Milk tea, casual dining and my favourite, Ramen Kuroda a japanese restaurant, I love their ramen, other branch of Ramen Kuroda is not my personal like, I prefer inside BF Homes.

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