Night at Makati City

Makati City, Philippines, one of the major IT Hub, business district, and economic powerhouse city of the Philippines. The main downtown district of Makati have a so much to offer, you find different types of businesses like food delicacies, shoppings, luxurious brands, and also the events. As most Filipino said, Makati is the economic and outsourcing hub in the Philippines, lots of investors are coming in this splendid city, most of them are BPO investors (Business Process Outsourcing) and they outsource the works here in Philippines because it is cheaper, lots of talented Filipino people, and also the culture is similar from the western world. Trust me it is similar, I’ve been travelled in some parts of countries.

In this video, we will show you the first part of a sneak peek of Makati, Philippines night time. This video speaks thousands of words. Feel free to like, share and comment. Thank you

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