Eiffel Tower Light show in Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Light show in Paris, France

Eiffel tower, the iconic landmark of Paris, France or a symbol of France. Who never thought that Eiffel Tower have a spectacular light show during night? Take a glimpse of the light show in Eiffel Tower. Every night, the Eiffel Tower illuminate for an average of 5-minute light show, enough time to notice the tower. Time of light show display vary, you have to be there around 09:00pm or earlier and take the glimpse of light show. People are shouting, clapping, and of course they are delightful when the Eiffel Tower illuminate, it is something that express satisfaction and excitement.

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For those who doesn’t know where to find the best place or spot to view Eiffel Tower, head towards Trocadéro Gardens via metro subway, walk for 5-minutes and viola!! the mighty Eiffel Tower is sitting in front of your eyes. Trouble locating it? I recommend to use Google Map for your convenience and it is accurate, you will see what metro number and walk pathway.

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