Monasterio de Tarlac in San Jose, Tarlac, Philippines

The isolated monastery in Tarlac Monasterio de Tarlac is one of the pilgrim destionation in Province of Tarlac in San Jose. It is a monastery on top of Mount Resurrection in San Jose, one of the municipalities in Tarlac. To reach the destination, we advised you to full-tank your vehicleRead More

Roadtrip from Canyon Woods to Canyon Cove in Batangas, Philippines

Just your typical road trip in Philippines The video is about road, more roads, and also pedestrian (cause we care for the surroundings, particularly in pedestrians). Archie documented the video using budget action camera and we used it as a dashcam, a dual-purpose camera. Driving from Canyon WoodsRead More

Eiffel Tower Light show in Paris, France

Eiffel Tower Light show in Paris, France Eiffel tower, the iconic landmark of Paris, France or a symbol of France. Who never thought that Eiffel Tower have a spectacular light show during night? Take a glimpse of the light show in Eiffel Tower. Every night, the Eiffel TowerRead More

Rare winter snow in Florence, Italy

Winter snow is such a rare sight in Florence, Italy. We didn’t expect the moderate snow here, the last heavy snow was happened on December 2012, most mass transportations were paralysed like TRAM, bus, as well as some flights. Florence wasn’t prepared in heavy snow winter. In thisRead More