Florence Cathedral Entrance Video

Queue line in Duomo di Firenze

Archievald recently visited the Florence Cathedral. In this video, we will give you a sneak peek in Florence Cathedral Entrance located in Piazza del Duomo, Firenze. As you can see, this queue line is only an average line, there were more tourist here in Italy 20 years ago. Because of the crisis and global downturn, there are fewer visitors compared before.

The queue line have several tourist guides to help people in their journey. These government employed tourist guides are nice and will assist you, some information in Florence, or some guides that will helps you in your day. Entrance is in the left side of facade of the Cathedral, as oppose 5 years ago where the entrance is in the front. Entrance is free (as of 2017) and you can see inside the cathedral as you want. If you are not sure where is Piazza del Duomo, use Google Map.

There are some limitations inside Cathedral:

You might need this

  • No sleeveless for womens, they will provide you a scarf to cover your shoulders.
  • No Backless
  • Non-lethal and Deadly Weapons are not allowed
  • Shouting or loud voices are prohibited
  • Depicting Naked Wear is strongly prohibited
  • and many more

Feel free to visit Florence, Italy, one of the best place in the world, best cuisine, and the birthplace of renaissance. The interior of Cathedral in Florence will be include in my next chapter.

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