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Why We Need a Personal Travel Blog?

Internet age became phenomenal. There’s a dramatic increase of bloggers in the past year and a blogs that have created a huge readers because of their content and their appeal. You have been tracking so many interesting stories from different writers, you have been jolted with a lightning bug of an idea – you’ll be writing your own travel blog!

Seeing as that you are person who loves to spend weekends and holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city and you want to share your experiences with others, you just know you’re going to be perfect as a travel blogger. You’d be able to share your travels and give information for people with the same passion.

Here are some of the reasons why you should have a personal travel blog:

  • Share your memories. Travel is one of the things you buy that enriches you, as a lot of people say. Your memories are priceless and your joy all encompassing. You want to share your photos with others so that you can motivate them to share your happiness. By sharing them to the world, you can entice others to follow your footsteps.

  • Support the local economy by exploring new places and the local culture. You realize that your country is diverse and has so many attractions to explore and discover. Take off the beaten path destinations and be among the first to experience the local flavor. In doing so, you are doing your job to help the local economy. Sharing your travails would heighten interest and hopefully generate more visitors and income for the local community.


  • Do something out of the ordinary. You work hard on your day job so you need something out of the ordinary to keep you energized and motivated. Your weekend travels help you to refocus your energy and your desire and keep you productive. You get to satisfy your wanderlust and increase you sense of fulfilment.

  • Blaze a trail and establish your advocacy. You want to advocate something in your life and you found it in your travels to different places. You can advocate for the conservation of the local attraction and for the local culture. Some places need all the support they can get so they can keep their culture alive. You can become the conduit to keep their culture alive and flourishing.

You have established your reasons for doing your travel blog. In order to make it work, you have to create quality web content so that your audience would be satisfied and keep coming back for more. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Provide necessary information. A lot of times, people just post their photos and a short narrative. Make your blog informative by detailing the journey to the destination. Mention the cost, the travel time and the side attractions and you’ll get your audience interested.


  • Do something interesting. Make your blog interesting by highlighting the things that set the place apart. Do something out of the ordinary and make it the apex of your trip. Make sure you mention this as it will entice the audience to follow you.

  • Optimize your web content. If you really want to show the world your exploits and travels, make sure you know how to optimize your web content so that interested travelers will get to see your content first among the millions of blogs. Set your blog apart and you’ll probably get the chance to earn from it as well.


We strongly recommended you to setup your blogging website. Blogging is like a memories in the internet. Readers are part of your stories, a motivation for them in daily life, and a inspiration for them to pursue their dreams. You may having a hard time or no background to setup your own blog, we are here to help you to setup your blogging website. Visit my website Archievald Blog for more info. Happy Blogging.
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