Why Now is the Time To Start Blog while Staying at Home

If you think staying at home is boring as hell, it’s not. Staying at home is also exciting and can be tough for someone. I remember the day when we are always going outside every weekends, we do groceries, sometimes we eat in fastfoods/restaurants, or visiting our friends and relatives.

As lockdown begins, job insecurities grow, unemployment spiked, businesses are closing down, increase the number of checkpoints, curfews and supplies dwindle. One more thing, we are now anxious because leaving our home can be tough because of uncertainties and long queue lines. I remember we have enough stocks of groceries suddenly we heard the rumours and guts about lockout, we quickly restock our groceries before it happens.

Some companies started the WFM or Work from Home that we are allowed to work from home. It is successful and employees loved it. Now we have enough time to do things and we are now more productive. As an employee, we are allowed to work from home and we managed to transition from office to work from home in 3-days with 100% employee. I am working as a front-end developer in a marketing agency (as of 2020) and we are capable to work remotely.

Staying at home Staying at home has advantage, although not all of you are capable to stay at home in a long-run but it is doable. More time means you can learn more skills and improve the well-being. One thing is creating a blog, it doesn’t to be really fancy or dedicate all your time. All we need is enough time, a content, a hosting, domain, and etc. Seems too complicated? Why not contact me  and I’ll build a working website blog for you?

Here are some examples why it’s time to start a blog while staying at home.

You have time to do it

Time is precious and we have to spent our time wisely. Now, because we don’t usually commute to offices and we don’t queue lines, we have more time to do things like blogging. Creating and writing a blog is exciting and can be time-consuming, but with a right skills and time to invest, we can improve our writing skills. Before, I personally hate writing but as time grows and creating my own personal blog, I am improving my skills.

You are inspired to do things

I love travel and web development, this inspire me to do things like blogging and reaching people. Before, I thought that blogging was a waste of time but as you build, be inspired and improve, it’s not really not a waste time. Doing things you love isn’t really a waste of time but can be a self-improvement.

You want to build a portfolio

One of my favorite one. Building an online portfolio is one of the best asset you can do and build. Building a portfolio gave you a huge plus if you want to standout in certain market skills. Design portfolio for graphic design, video portfolio for video and animator or blogging for a marketing agency. Online portfolio was one of best way to showcase your works, skills and your enthusiasms.

You want to learn and improve skills

I started as nobody and with basic skills. As I become a front-end developer and also a blogging, I am improving my skills on how to reach more people, improve the content creating and also the web development. You will start to question yourself how to reach more people? how to improve this design? and etc. As you grow more portfolio, you also grow and improve skills.

You want to reach more people

Reaching more people is quite challenging because we need a lot of effort to reach more people. To reach more people, you need a good content. It can be a simple blog, a video blog or a lead. Learning a video content and leads can be a tough and challenging. To learn these skills, you need to be dedicated and experiences. Video blogging is about creating a content done with videos while leads is about let them click and add their basic information in contact form. I believe to reach more people, you need a good video blog.

You want to share ideas

This is pretty straight forward, you just wanted to share ideas and information. This one of the main reason why people are blogging and they want to share ideas. Sharing ideas using a blog is one of the best way to communicate and reach more people. The better title and content, the better the results. Me, I just wanted to share ideas about travel, gaming and improve life. Just think about the title and write for the content for it, or you can also create a video blog.

No time to create a blog?

Creating a blog can be tough, you have to develop a site, get a name, finding a hosting, maintenance and etc. If you believe that you can’t handle this stress, I am here to help you, simply contact me via email at hi@archievald.com and we can talk about it.

Love console gaming, gamer in heart.