8 things to do to protect yourself and family from Covid-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19 is a serious virus, just don’t panic

NCOV Coronavirus is a threat to the world, it is highly contagious and its estimated at about 2.2, it means it can infect 2.2 other people compared to common flu with 1.3 reproduction number. As of now, nCov Covid-19 coronavirus has no vaccine, a huge threat and a serious matter that need to be contain. The most vulnerable by the coronavirus are the elders, people with weak immune system, and the heavy smokers. To protect yourself from nCOV coronavirus, here are the list of things you need to do. These are not guaranteed protection but it will minimize the spread and contagion of the coronavirus.

1. Wash your hands properly

How many times you heard this one on washing your hands properly? One of the best way to protect yourself from coronavirus is always wash your hands thoroughly, neatly, and properly. This will greatly reduce the risk of being infected of the coronavirus. Forget about putting overprice facemask if your hands are dirty. If your hand are dirty, this will be a high-risk. Remember touching metal poles in bus, trams? there are the breeding grown of viruses and bacteria so we should clean our hands always.

2. Cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough

This will also protect the other people from uncertainly, chances are you have a common flu, but there’s a little chance that you are also infected by nCOV coronavirus. People nowadays are now worrying if someone sneeze, they will think that you are virus carrier so please, cover your mouth if you sneeze and cough.

3. Avoid close contact with other people as possible

It’s not about anti-social, but if it’s not that important, avoid areas where people are flocking like concerts, bars, and etc. Remember that you have to protect yourself from coronavirus and avoid these areas until the nCov are now fully contained. There’s a news in Italy where an Italian couple return to Venice, they went to bars, little they know that they are positive in nCov virus, now it has more 9,000 cases and still counting.

4. Clean and disinfect your surroundings

I will give you an example, door knobs are perfect breeding grown of virus, it has millions of bacteria and virus. I am using disinfectant on doorknobs on my home, I also clean my homes, and wipe the floors. How about in public? how will you open the door or pressing the button in elevator?

5. Bring alcohol always

You will never know when you will need it. My usual habit after opening the public door or pressing the button on the elevators, this is the solution, I always bring 70% alcohol and use it frequently, its not about Over-compulsive but I want to reduce the risk. But there’s a side-effect if you always use alcohol, the dryness of the hands. I also bring hand-lotion to moisturize my hands.

6. Bring your own spoon/fork when you eat outside

Avoid using common spoon and fork, in some areas where plastics are banned, there’s a great change you will see a spoon and fork in a hot container. Hot can also kill bacteria and virus, but sorry, I do have a trust issue on these spoon and forks especially in fast-food chains. I believe the spoon and fork are not thoroughly clean. So I always bring my portable spoon and fork. As much as possible, avoid to eat outside until the coronavirus are contained.

7. Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth if your hands are not clean

Touching any open area or with fluid in your body like eyes, nose, and mouth pose a risk of a transmit of coronavirus. What I am doing is cleaning my hands and gently scratch my eyes or nose. But as much as possible, I refrain from scratching my eyes or nose.

8. Facemasks (optional)

This is controversial, ideally, use facemask if you are sick, like you have a cough or sneeze, but for some people, they are wearing the face masks to minimize the chances of getting the coronavirus in your nose or mouth. Let be honest, I am the one who wear face masks even though I am not sick, but for my personal opinion, it’s better safe than sorry. Wearing a face mask do help to protect yourself from coronavirus, it’s for just my personal opinion. I am not a scientist nor doctor to prove it but I want to protect myself and my family.

Lastly, don’t hoard surgery masks, alcohol, toilet tissue, and etc. because some people really need it.

Thats all.

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