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A website has a significant role in reaching and targeting customers whether its a food industry, online shopping, milk-tea or any product or services. According to an online survey, 85% of Consumers Conduct Online Research Before Making a Purchase Online, that has a huge impact on your business. Owning a business website increases the awareness and trust of the customers. Without a website, it would be difficult for the customers to verify your legitimacy.

These days, your website is one thing they want or to search for, business cards are somewhat obsolete at this time. But developing a bad design and bad experience websites is much more disastrous! That’s why I’m here to help you to build a wonderful and working website.

Why we need a website?

Build trust

Owning a website for your business increases the trust and credibility of your businesses. Since the last time you checked a company in google search? I bet you have searched for a company before. That’s one thing you could verify if the company exists for customers.

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Engage Visitors

The simplest way to explain this is by clicking your website. Building a website and going the website live will give you an advantage than none. By typing the company in the search engine, it will list all the keywords related to that, example type Archievald Blog and the search engine will list the keywords that are related. This is also considered as reaching customers.

Reach customers

Reach customers by showing your content, products, locations and contact number online. We don’t have enough time to give a pamphlet for each single person which is way more expensive in the long run. By creating a good content and image, you can now give the glimpse of what type of product or services you have.

Create leads

One good example is the contact forms. Creating a lead is like trying to persuade or influence customers to input their email in contact forms. You will build a number of email and you can send a newsletter or promos directly to their email. It’s like you are informing you have a new product or services. That’s a win-win scenario of customers and business owners.

Provide information

If you sell a product or services, expect lots of frequently asked questions and the picture of your products needed, this consumes a LOT of your TIME. Trust me, it’s time consuming replying for every inquiry, That’s why create a website and put all the information they wanted in the website like price, about the company, location, phone number and etc. This will lessen the time for replying to customers and focus on the other thing.

And lastly..

Generate more sales

Whether you have a physical store or online businesses, having a good website increases the presence of your business in a wide range. Reaching more customers generates more sales because owning a website is like having a capacity to promote your product and services 24/7 while you sleep. That 24/7 promotion has a huge impact on your businesses because your business promotion never sleeps and continuously reaches the customers non-stop.

Want to generate more sales?

Talk to me, we will help you to build a website that opens 24/7 and generate more sales.

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