Why Online Payment is the Best Option for Utility Bills

Say goodbye to long queue line in bills payments

Going outside are sometimes give us headache, we will encounter heavy traffic as hell, congested mall, long queue line and unintended dining in restaurant.  One of the best solution to avoid these hassle in life is to pay utility bills online healthy, improve quality of life and safer. But in Philippines, people are afraid to pay online because they think it is not safe to pay online. I want to break the old-thinking and we are not born yesterday. For my point of view, going outside has greater chance to be robbed and lose some money than paying online with reputable online payment gateway. Losing money while outside? think about fast-food restaurant, shopping useless items and paying gas for car, these will make you spend more money than saving.

Today, there’s an pandemic which it is not safe to go outside. Online deliveries and online payment is the king. I prefer to stay at home with my family and we usually pay utility bills online even the Covid-19 wasn’t announced. I want to spend my time with my family during weekends and I valued my time so staying away from queue line is my best option. Enjoying my life is better than wasting my time for queue line for 20mins, I hate waiting.

In this post, I will give you an idea how online payment works and how it will improve the quality of life.

The Basic

You need a bank

Opening 2 accounts – Primary Savings account and Monthly Expenses account.
Savings account is for savings, while Expenses account is for expenses. I am using my expenses account for paying bills, groceries, online subscription and etc. Use either debit card or credit card. This is the safest way to pay online because you only deposit the ample amount of money without exposing your Primary Savings account.

Globe Gcash

Connect your Bank account to Gcash and use your Gcash to pay utility bills online. Example, I am using my Globe GCash to pay internet bills using Globe At Home App. Globe At Home App give you a different options on how to pay, you can either use debit/credit card or GCash, both of them are handy and hassle free.

How to pay online?

For Electric bills – Meralco App

I’m using a Meralco App to pay online. Create an account, connect your bills to your account and pay. I’m using a card to pay Electric bills for Meralco App, input your 16-digit code from your debit/credit card and input the 3 CVV code behind your card. Receipt will be sent to e-mail.

For Globe bills – Globe At Home

Globe at home for my Globe DSL Internet. Create an account in Globe At Home App, login, click the Pay now button and use your GCash to pay Globe DSL Internet.

For All Utility bills – GCash

GCash provides one-app-for-all payment online, meralco, globe, maynilad and etc.

It is safe to pay online?

Yes it is safe online, just be cautious on entering your details. Use reputable app like GCash, Globe At Home, Meralco and etc. and make sure the app/website you are paying are not phishing site.


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