Welcome to Hallstat, Austria

Willkommen in Hallstatt, Austria: The perfect place to Relax

Hallstatt, one of the popular destination during summer and winter. It is the home of the unforeseen place you never think. Hallstatt is one of the small town or village in the district of Gmunden in the Austrian state of Upper Austria, and one of the heritage site in Austria. Hallstatt is known for its large deposit of salts, so the region was one a very wealthy town until now and no one imagine this place will become famous for travelers.

Hallstatt is a popular destinations from pensioners. When we traveled here, we noticed that lots of pensioners are traveling in Hallstat because of the beautiful nature, clean and fresh air, and relaxing town. I was astound when I saw the Hallstatt in which I used to love skycrapers but I change the perspective when I saw this region.

So please, if you have plans to travel to Austria, include this to your bucket destination, you won’t regret it. Ciao~

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