Cities Skyline Remastered – Free update in Playstation 5 and Xbox XS

Cities Skylines, the popular city-building simulation game developed by Colossal Order, has recently announced a free update for its players on PlayStation 5. The new update, named “Remastered,” promises to bring a whole new level of gaming experience to the players. The developer has been working hard to make sure that the game takes full advantage of the Playstation 5’s hardware capabilities, providing players with a more vivid, immersive, and realistic city-building experience.

One of the biggest highlights of the remastered version is the upgraded graphics. Cities Skylines on Playstation 5 will feature a more detailed and realistic cityscape, with improved textures, lighting, and shadows that will make the player’s cities look more alive and vibrant than ever before. The game will also support 4K resolution, making the cities look even more stunning.

Another significant improvement is the performance. The game will run smoother and faster on the Playstation 5, with a frame rate of 60 frames per second. Players will no longer experience any lag or stuttering, making the city-building experience even more enjoyable. The developers have also optimized the game for the DualSense controller, allowing players to experience new levels of immersion through the use of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The remastered version will also come with new content, including new buildings, landmarks, and assets. Players will have access to a whole new set of tools and assets that will allow them to build and customize their cities in new and exciting ways. The game’s audio has also been improved, with more realistic sound effects and ambient noise to bring the cities to life.

One of the downside of the game is there won’t be a transfer of saved game from Playstation 4 toPlaystation 5. You will need to start and build a new city but that is nothing to worry because playing Cities Skyline Remastered is fun as hell! So we will have to wait until February 15, 2023 and download the free game.

In conclusion, the Cities Skylines Remastered update is a great addition to the game and will offer Playstation 5 players a whole new level of city-building experience. With improved graphics, performance, and new content, this update is sure to bring even more joy and excitement to the players. The update is completely free, so players who own the game on Playstation 5 will be able to download it and start building their dream cities right away.

In these times of lockdown, games like Cities Skylines provide a great way for people to pass the time and fulfill their creative desires. The remastered version on Playstation 5 takes the game to a whole new level, making the city-building experience even more realistic and enjoyable. So, if you are a fan of city-building games, be sure to check out Cities Skylines on Playstation 5, and experience the power of remastered gaming.
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