Reasons why we need life insurance

It can help to financially support family Life insurance is about securing and support the family. Incase there’s something happened, it will financially support your family even you are not there, the family have enough time to cover and adjust their life, and also protect their asset PeaceRead More

How to reload EasyTrip

A quick guide in reloading EasyTrip We are now transitioning to go cashless (not so 100%) payment to limit the further spread of the covid-19 virus. According to CSIRO, banknotes can spread virus 🦠 for up to 28 days. So we came up the solution to go cashlessRead More

Why traveling will boost your morale?

Rich in Experience, Culture, and Memories Traveling is an enriching experience. Whether you travel alone or in a group, in a self-made travel plan or in a cookie-cutter tour, you will be made better by the experience. There is a well-quoted saying telling us that the best travelRead More

13 Things to Consider Before You Travel

Before Leaving for an Unfamiliar Country Okay, so the travel bug bit you. And not just any ordinary travel bug. Archievald have a check-list to consider before you travel. This bug bit you hard and you are left wanting to explore a really unfamiliar country. Exotic locales, mouth-wateringRead More

How useful this Yelp Mobile App?

Yelp is very important for your travels. Businesses are paying attention in online exposure, a good example is Yelp. Archievald always use Yelp to find cheap restaurants nearby. So why Yelp is popular and useful? You can Find Restaurant’s Review Yelp’s dominant and more useful in foot traffic. It scanRead More

Hassle-Free Travel Tips for Beginners

Traveling is fun and expensive. You can travel at ease. They key is extensive planning and budgeting. Here are some tips (transportation, accommodation, and food) on Hassle-free Travel Tips for Beginners.   Plan your route Remember that when traveling, you will spend a large portion of your budgetRead More